Rule #15 Do the right thing even when no one will know but you.

These posts — haven’t established an editorial calendar yet — my writing, so far, just takes me where it takes me.  Lately it’s had a darker side, yet doesn’t make me sad or upset.  Now it’s just fact, a history of life, my journey.

If you know me, you know I love bargains almost as much as I love Louis Vuitton, I do not spend money frivolously.  I don’t buy schlock.  It’s wasting money.  For example, I paid $400 twenty years ago for a Louis Vuitton bag I still carry today.  When I have the time I’m sending all my Louis Vuitton to Chicago where they will make it like new again.  To me, this is working smart!  (This working smart girl is the same one who misspelled GENIUS in her post yesterday….among other faux pas.)

While I don’t do department store shopping per se, I will race you to Walgreens if I see a bargain in their Sunday circular!  (I get it early now!)

Walgreensand no, Walgreens isn’t paying me!

And I am a magazine freak.  Ask anyone who works with me.  Right now, even after giving away hundreds of magazines, I have a gazillion magazines waiting for me to decide their fate. I have the first twelve issues of O – OPRAH, each in it’s own sealed plastic bag for posterity!  I still regret giving away my Vanity Fair magazines some ten years ago. And I think I would frame every issue of Cottage Journal  if it didn’t make me look like an total idiot.

Cottage Journal This issue of Cottage Journal reminds me of one of the paintings we have at Conway Art.  It’s a great work by Renaissance Man, Don Bingham.

It’s not for a lack of magazines I tell you what I did in the dark.

Waiting rooms with magazines were my Achilles heel.  Inevitably there is always a magazine I do not have, or a very old magazine and I absolutely must keep an ad, a photograph or feature, so I would just steal it from the lobby.  I was a thief.

Go figure.

Eventually, my behavior got the best of me.  This is what changed: I started asking (a novel thought)  if I could take/have the magazine; then I also carried other magazines back to that same lobby for their use.

I can remember sneaking magazines into my Louis Vuitton!  Pathetic, I know and stupid.   I can see it now, sunny, beautiful room and they had a two year-old ELLE DECOR with a bedroom I would die to have, but knew I would not remember the visual without the visual.  Or, that’s what I told myself.  Sure.

I still don’t have that bedroom, don’t even know where the ELLE DECOR is!

Isn’t this a little like life sometimes?  We take those pens from work or copy paper, don’t return our messages or call in sick when we are not sick?  — cough, cough — I know I have. 

Or, we tell ourselves it’s okay to miss a friends birthday party, or a funeral, that we won’t be missed. But we are missed, someone knows and wonders where we are and why we aren’t there.

I can tell you even tho’ I was deep in grief at my Mother’s funeral I KNEW who was at the funeral and the graveside. It made such a difference.  Friends Deborah Evans Price and Vernell Hackett drove all night to be there even tho’ I told them it was not necessary to make the drive from Nashville, Tn.  They never listen!  Thankfully.

NOW I understand.  Having them drive all night to be with me for a few hours was more comforting than they will ever kinow.  

Deborah, being interviewed for a Religion & Ethics feature on PBS.

Deborah PBS

Deborah accepting a Dove Award for Alan Jackson. DEP accepting for Alan Jackson

Vernell, signing copies of one of her books!

VH book signing

If these busy women can show up, so can we!

We are missed when we don’t show or we think no one sees what we do/don’t do.  I am certain others saw me steal some of those magazines, and I remember years ago when I didn’t show up for a party, thought I wouldn’t be missed, was told the hostess cried when I didn’t show.

There are legitimate reasons for some things, for others it’s greed or laziness or maybe we are just tired.  I’m trying to make extra efforts for friends, go out of my comfort zone now, because that’s part of my Authentic Grace.

Head in the sand is just pretending no one knows.  That’s the fallacy. To be Authentic, give Grace, we must not hide.  EVER.  Authentic Public Relations practitioners, above reproach, will be untouchable in the marketplace.

…and if you want any magazines, you know where I am!

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Rule #11 Be Tenacious

How much do you want it?  Really want it? Do you want to accomplish this goal you’ve set? Are you sure?  Do you really want it?  Really?

Tenacious – Merriam-Webster Online

Not easily stopped or pulled apart : firm or strong. : continuing for a long time. : very determined to do something.

I love this word and it’s meaning.

Today I ran into Tim Capps, a much honored fireman in Conway, Arkansas. He is  Husband, Father with two sons, friend, well-known for tireless work in his  community.  When his wife opened her hair salon he went to beauty school, became a licensed beautician so he could support her.  Now, he is ten days away from receiving his R.N.

Ten days.

Meet The Tim Capps Family –

Tim Capps

He will continue his work as a Fireman AND work as an R.N.  Tim said when he started Nursing School he wanted to make certain his oldest son could go to College.  I think he just loves to make a difference.  I know Tim, his wife Lori and his sons have made a difference in my Family, time after time after time.

His son begins college August 2014.  I am amazed. Tim Capps is dedicated to the betterment of his family, he is tenacious.

As publicists, we must be tenacious.   Media placement is tougher than ever, and space in any publication — real estate — is in high demand.  It takes never, never, never giving up.  Never ever.

It is imperative to remember why we do what we do.  That’s why we must believe what we say.

In many instances — to my joy — I remain friends with many media even though they are not covering what I pitch today.  If I had lied to them, fudged the truth even a bit   I doubt that friendship would still be intact.

We don’t have to spill our guts about our clients, but we do have to be Authentic Truth Tellers.

Deborah Evans-Price, Jeanette Thomason, Stacey Scheirer, Vernell Hackett, Marjie McGraw, Debra Brawner, Phyllis Hoffman DePiano, David Perozzi  are media who have become great friends to me personally.  Cannot imagine how less-rich my life would be without them.  And let me tell you I was tenacious every. single. time. I pitched to these members of the media.  To their great credit, they GOT it, they GET it.  And yes, we are all still friends.  If I didn’t know each of these people, I would still miss them in my life.


….and I am still TENACIOUS.
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