Into the Wild: FROZEN IN TIME: Say it Out loud; To someone who loved you then and Loves you now.

Debra and Betty White

Dear friend Debra Brawner with Betty White.Debra booked talent for TNN and we loved working with her. She remains one of my dearest friends. #Blessed.

The Laughs. So many laughs. Funny stories. Going from lots of laughter and joy to well, different is not a walk in the park.

From the laughter backstage during Star Search to Florence Henderson dancing in front of Alabama because they didn’t want her to sing with them.  Even today, when I watch a television show or a movie the background tells me more than the dialogue.

Before Facebook we took photos. These photos are a bit of a timeline to my life in Nashville prior to actually representing Musicians. Television has always been my favorite medium.

Hope you love these #ThrowbackThursday photos!

Our First Earth Day.

Our First Earth Day. Rosanne Cash was Chairman of the organization.  Rosanne and her then-husband, Rodney Crowell performed.  It was a free event for the City of Nashville.  Thanks to Rosanne and Rodney it was a tremendous success.  Even today if I do not recycle something it makes me a little crazy.


Watching Rehearsals.

Watching Rehearsals.  Nashville Earth Day peeps.


David Foster playing for us in Tennessee Governor’s Mansion BEFORE we were KICKED OUT when the Governor arrived. We all laughed till we cried, then laughed more when Lee, in her full-length mink coat fell going into the local theater smack dab in the lobby.!


Talent Explosion. Dinner at Mario’s with David Foster and Linda Thompson. #luckyme #LovedMarios

Hotel Room -- we celebrated 24/7.

Hotel Room — we celebrated 24/7.

Left to Right: Me; Gunilla Hutton; Cathy Baker and LuLu Roman. #Friendship


Game Night – Always Fun. #nofilter


Wonderful working with Jack Hanna and Stella Parton. Booking clients on the same show is Working Smart. Animals + Cooking = Fun Show.


LuLu singing “Blue Chili” by Songwriter extraordinaire Beverly Ross. Still convinced this would have been a ‘hit’ for LuLu.  However, it was not Gospel, it was Blues  – always my favorite. LuLu Roman, me, Madeline Bell and CeCe Debois.


Jack with Television Producer Joe Young. They were like Tom Hanks’ character in BIG when they got together. Great friend Susan Shockley made this happen. #Longtermfriendships


Finally – the reason I located to Arkansas: My Family; My dear Mother.  This memory from long ago lingers: the first national television credit received, my precious Mother took a photo of the television! The memory of her encouragement in my life is somedays overwhelming.  Missing her never goes away.  Would love to talk to her, love her more than I can ever say.


My Beautiful Mother.

Do I miss friends?  Oh Yes. We do stay in touch and I’m forever grateful we can and do.  Will talk about more of my dearest as I finish this Frozen in Time post. #Thankful. #MoretoCome

Next Up: Forgive Yourself – it’s a work in progress. (AMEN)

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Rule #11 Be Tenacious

How much do you want it?  Really want it? Do you want to accomplish this goal you’ve set? Are you sure?  Do you really want it?  Really?

Tenacious – Merriam-Webster Online

Not easily stopped or pulled apart : firm or strong. : continuing for a long time. : very determined to do something.

I love this word and it’s meaning.

Today I ran into Tim Capps, a much honored fireman in Conway, Arkansas. He is  Husband, Father with two sons, friend, well-known for tireless work in his  community.  When his wife opened her hair salon he went to beauty school, became a licensed beautician so he could support her.  Now, he is ten days away from receiving his R.N.

Ten days.

Meet The Tim Capps Family –

Tim Capps

He will continue his work as a Fireman AND work as an R.N.  Tim said when he started Nursing School he wanted to make certain his oldest son could go to College.  I think he just loves to make a difference.  I know Tim, his wife Lori and his sons have made a difference in my Family, time after time after time.

His son begins college August 2014.  I am amazed. Tim Capps is dedicated to the betterment of his family, he is tenacious.

As publicists, we must be tenacious.   Media placement is tougher than ever, and space in any publication — real estate — is in high demand.  It takes never, never, never giving up.  Never ever.

It is imperative to remember why we do what we do.  That’s why we must believe what we say.

In many instances — to my joy — I remain friends with many media even though they are not covering what I pitch today.  If I had lied to them, fudged the truth even a bit   I doubt that friendship would still be intact.

We don’t have to spill our guts about our clients, but we do have to be Authentic Truth Tellers.

Deborah Evans-Price, Jeanette Thomason, Stacey Scheirer, Vernell Hackett, Marjie McGraw, Debra Brawner, Phyllis Hoffman DePiano, David Perozzi  are media who have become great friends to me personally.  Cannot imagine how less-rich my life would be without them.  And let me tell you I was tenacious every. single. time. I pitched to these members of the media.  To their great credit, they GOT it, they GET it.  And yes, we are all still friends.  If I didn’t know each of these people, I would still miss them in my life.


….and I am still TENACIOUS.
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Meet Deborah Evans-Price –

Deborah EVans Price

 Meet Jeanette Thomason – Jeanette Thomason

 Meet Stacey Scheirer – Stacey

Meet Vernell Hackett with Billy Dean – Vernell and Billy Dean

Meet Debra Brawner with Betty White & Friend! –  Debra and Betty White

Meet Phyllis Hoffman DePiano with Paula Deen –

PHD and Paula

Meet David Perozzi –

David Perozzi