Into The Wild: Frozen in Time; Acknowledge How Important the Times Were.


Part One

family photo

Love my good memories, and as we think about these memories it’s easy to see the small conversations/personal memories make the MOST difference. My relationships are and have always been paramount.

A Peek Into My HeartFelt Memories.


My Father tipped EVERYONE. EVERYONE. It embarrassed us. If someone he was with did not leave a fair tip he would always make it up to the server. We were taught if we could not leave the proper tip, we should not eat out. Gratuities were part of the cost.

NOW, I understand.

It made him Happy to Give. Now, when giving, I know how he felt. He was so very generous with everyone he met, yet he never took anything away from his family. I love this memory.

Louis Vuitton and Dollar Tree

We were a middle-class family.  Don’t know that we really KNEW it, but we were. My parents were Ying and Yang. My Father came from money, my Mother did not. They were married 43 years when he died. Throughout our lives, both my parents loved to shop. My Father insisted on always buying GOOD shoes. He was a very dapper ‘dresser’ – So, my Mother usually made all our clothes.And let me tell you, she rocked it. Especially with me.  Even today, wish I had a dressmaker. Far prefer well-made clothes to purchased clothing. Have kept one particular suit she made, I felt glorious every.single.time.I stepped out in that RED suit.

They taught me to love quality and enjoy the quest for a great sale. We were a family of shoppers, and if we didn’t find something for ourselves, we could always find something for someone else. An early blog post tells of my love for bargains and Louis Vuitton.                 This is my Ying and Yang! and it SO makes me smile~

— to be continued —


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Into The Wild: Frozen in Time with Jack Hanna

Jack and Suzi Hanna with Julie

Hanna fam
Jack and Suzi 
Jack and Suzi


Last night I saw a client and old friend Jack Hanna. It’s my first time to not be behind the scenes for any artist or show. Was it hard?  Not as much as I expected. He IS such a great guy, terrific father and husband, and that has not changed. It was actually a very endearing time for me.

Can’t even remember all the animals I’ve held, thanks to Jack and his assistants. Suzie (not Suzi, his wife!) has been with him longer than I’ve known him and she was with him last night, along with a few others, all new. If you’ve seen him on Letterman or James Cordon or any other shows, he just has that ‘it’ factor.  Top that with his deep down kindness to all, well he IS one of the Good Guys! Read his books for great fun and to get to know him a bit. You won’t be disappointed.

How do we enjoy our past without looking back with envy for where we were, what we had? I’m not sure, but I plan to find out.  Remember Lot’s wife?  She looked back and she became a pillar of salt, frozen in time. tells us The Hebrew for “pillar” refers to a garrison or a deputy, that is, something set to watch over something else. The image of Lot’s wife standing watch over the Dead Sea area—where to this day no life can exist—is a poignant reminder to us not to look back or turn back from the profession of faith we have made, but to follow Christ without hesitation and abide in His love (Luke 17:32).

Every.single.time. I do what is right God covers me.  It may not be how I choose at the time but thankfully is revealed to me later on.

So, how do you move on?  How do I move on?  With no desire to be a pillar of salt, let’s explore this, shall we?

My next posts will be to explore moving on with you.  Painful, but necessary.

  1. FACE your feelings.
  2. Acknowledge how important the times were.
  3. FACE why they are/were so important.
  4. SAY it out loud to a friend, someone who loved you then, loves you now.
  5. FORGIVE yourself.
  6. CHANGE your thinking.
  7. Change what you SAY, read, watch and discuss.
  8. Discover what you love most.
  9. Find your Center; your peace.
  10. What are you hungry for?

Look forward to your thoughts, and any ideas you can share about your journey to the center.



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Rule #13 How To Love Work, Friends and Life Even on Days When You Want to Run

These posts never seem to end up where they start, just like our own lives.

If we LIVE our lives, there are going to be horrible days.

Friends fight, sisters fight, business associates fight.  But at the end of the day, IF WE ARE GROWN-UPS, friends are friends, sisters are sisters and we don’t walk away, we work through our issues.

Friends in Nashville

friends for blog post

McClain Family Lunch

McClain family lunch

Work is different, we don’t always have to stick around when it’s a detrimental situation.  Especially when it’s a detrimental situation.

This is what happened:  He hit me.  HE. HIT. ME. Jealous, mad about the success of another artist, it was a press release that had nothing to do with him that set him off.   Not the best singer, not even a good singer really, everyone knew his group was so-so.  It was his political acumen that provided entry to places they would be unable to get into by talent.   That should have been my best clue.

Never HIT by a client OR friend before, WHAT was I to do? Sad, but not down for the count, my employees were left to handle the press room.  I left immediately for the hotel, needed space to breathe.  Just breathe, evaluate what happened.

Whatever, where ever I was going to end up regarding this particular client, I knew I had to claim partial responsibility for his behavior.  NEVER told him the truth about his group OR music.  Knowing others watched everything I did, every group  supported at this particular venue, would go to the front row every time they performed. Even acted as if I LOVED, enjoyed their performances.  My first mistake.

They were not good, but maybe I could HELP THEM?  Believing his own press was partly my fault.  Told myself this was being a good publicist, just part of the package.


Why wouldn’t he believe he was just as great a performer as the artist he envied?      I felt sorry for the group, this artist.  My second mistake.

Everyone lost that day.   There was never an apology, never I made a mistake.

Continued to represent artists, events until leaving Nashville, Tn.,  because I really did love, still do love my work.   That NEVER changed.  But I never represented, or promoted that group EVER again.

That day was just one more lesson in Authentic Grace.  I no longer oversold any artist we represented, even to myself.

Now? I make better choices because of that incident, and I am thankful.

….and how is your Monday?  It will be just a terrific as you choose.  Mine too!

P.S.  Anyone ever see Brokedown Palace?   If Clare Danes character can do it, so can you and I.

Brokedown Palace

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