Into the Wild: FROZEN IN TIME: Say it Out loud; To someone who loved you then and Loves you now.

Debra and Betty White

Dear friend Debra Brawner with Betty White.Debra booked talent for TNN and we loved working with her. She remains one of my dearest friends. #Blessed.

The Laughs. So many laughs. Funny stories. Going from lots of laughter and joy to well, different is not a walk in the park.

From the laughter backstage during Star Search to Florence Henderson dancing in front of Alabama because they didn’t want her to sing with them.  Even today, when I watch a television show or a movie the background tells me more than the dialogue.

Before Facebook we took photos. These photos are a bit of a timeline to my life in Nashville prior to actually representing Musicians. Television has always been my favorite medium.

Hope you love these #ThrowbackThursday photos!

Our First Earth Day.

Our First Earth Day. Rosanne Cash was Chairman of the organization.  Rosanne and her then-husband, Rodney Crowell performed.  It was a free event for the City of Nashville.  Thanks to Rosanne and Rodney it was a tremendous success.  Even today if I do not recycle something it makes me a little crazy.


Watching Rehearsals.

Watching Rehearsals.  Nashville Earth Day peeps.


David Foster playing for us in Tennessee Governor’s Mansion BEFORE we were KICKED OUT when the Governor arrived. We all laughed till we cried, then laughed more when Lee, in her full-length mink coat fell going into the local theater smack dab in the lobby.!


Talent Explosion. Dinner at Mario’s with David Foster and Linda Thompson. #luckyme #LovedMarios

Hotel Room -- we celebrated 24/7.

Hotel Room — we celebrated 24/7.

Left to Right: Me; Gunilla Hutton; Cathy Baker and LuLu Roman. #Friendship


Game Night – Always Fun. #nofilter


Wonderful working with Jack Hanna and Stella Parton. Booking clients on the same show is Working Smart. Animals + Cooking = Fun Show.


LuLu singing “Blue Chili” by Songwriter extraordinaire Beverly Ross. Still convinced this would have been a ‘hit’ for LuLu.  However, it was not Gospel, it was Blues  – always my favorite. LuLu Roman, me, Madeline Bell and CeCe Debois.


Jack with Television Producer Joe Young. They were like Tom Hanks’ character in BIG when they got together. Great friend Susan Shockley made this happen. #Longtermfriendships


Finally – the reason I located to Arkansas: My Family; My dear Mother.  This memory from long ago lingers: the first national television credit received, my precious Mother took a photo of the television! The memory of her encouragement in my life is somedays overwhelming.  Missing her never goes away.  Would love to talk to her, love her more than I can ever say.


My Beautiful Mother.

Do I miss friends?  Oh Yes. We do stay in touch and I’m forever grateful we can and do.  Will talk about more of my dearest as I finish this Frozen in Time post. #Thankful. #MoretoCome

Next Up: Forgive Yourself – it’s a work in progress. (AMEN)

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Rule #1 Pay Attention

The first time I really thought left brain vs. right brain was in an ECHO meeting in Nashville, Tn.  It was Rosanne Cash, our leader, asking who was left brained? We needed help with the VCR.  Yes, it was several years ago!  I think there was one person in the room that fit the bill, so we were able to watch the video!

Right brain left brain photo

Actually using my left brain came a few months later, and I’m not even certain I knew that’s what I was doing!  But I was determined.  I paid attention, VERY close attention to every single opportunity and pursued those like — as Bill Clinton once said to me — a dog to a bone, or, with a vengeance.  I categorized what I needed to do. I was excited, encouraged, it was a solid pitch/idea.

I usually rode my exercycle watching the Today Show & flipping between every other morning show during commercials.  It was one of those mornings, while watching  TODAY I found a ‘hole’ in their programming and I knew I could fill it with one of my artists.

I would suggest Music in the Plaza.

Music by who else, but legendary Gospel Quartet, the Cathedrals? Glen Payne and George Younce were musical icons.  But it would take a lot of convincing, as a very savvy artist said to me once,  “I can’t walk two steps alone at that event, but I can walk the mall all day.”  This is what I was up against.   No one in NYC knew the Cathedrals.

From that attention getting moment and Every. Single. Day. Following, I focused.  I paid attention.  I kept my mind clear of everything but how to make Music in the Plaza happen. I DID and THOUGHT of nothing else. (& for my right brain, always difficult.)

I can still recall exactly where I was when Dee Dee Thomas of the Today Show returned my call“We want your group to sing in the Plaza, what day can you come to NYC?”

Dee Dee Thomas and GVB's Guy Penrod

Dee Dee Thomas and GVB’s Guy Penrod

Dee Dee Thomas

Six hours following their initial performance Dee Dee called me and booked them for Christmas in the Plaza.  Yes, they were amazing.

Cathedrals on Today Christmas

Maybe I’d have achieved the same if I hadn’t paid attention, but I’m still never willing to take that chance.  My goal is my focus, and a clean house, everything else becomes secondary for a moment.

Now for the AUTHENTIC part of my Today Show quest.  I’ve never really told this story — maybe I wanted it to look easy?  SO when someone said Congratulations! to me, I would say “It was God.”  Well, as I’ve said in a previous post of course  it WAS God, He gave me the brains, the focus and the desire to achieve, to be my best.  I do not think the same thing would have happened if I’d sat on my sofa praying and doing nothing else.  Being a Christian requires work and so much more ALL THE TIME.  Even rest is something God exampled for us, but we play an active roll in our rest too.

As children we were taught a lovely prayer, “God is Great, God is Good”  it was easy to remember.  We are adults now and our prayers and our life should be AUTHENTIC.  This is why you will never find me sharing some things on social media — God knows I love Him — I do not need to press like within ten seconds to prove it.  Do you?

Paying Authentic attention is a start.










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