Rule #12 Be Willing To Look Stupid

  “I can Fly! And I don’t even need a cape!”   Uncle Si, Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty

This is how I’ve felt the last two days.  I’m pinching myself, since friends closest  know my last year was worst, saddest ever.  Euphoric, I love getting up in the morning and I can barely sleep at night.  My life is returning to it’s fullness.  No, I don’t need a cape today!  Just a way to harness my ideas and plans for the future.

And then, on top of everything else I hear from friends with kind words for me out the Ying-Yang.  Marjie McGraw, Angela Relder and dear, dear Jeanette Thomason…..our laughs are enjoyed always…..I’ll tell you more about these ladies later. (And if you see Jeanette, ask her about the candy dish I gave her!)

Today, I must tell you about a few I work with daily.

My euphoria begins always when I think of Phyllis Hoffman-DePiano, founder of Hoffman Media, LLC.   Today happens to be her birthday. Brilliant beyond, loyal, kind.  It was Phyllis who went to then-unknown Paula Deen and crafted a magazine in her name.  I was and still am lucky enough to be involved.   When I transitioned in Conway, the first person I talked to was Phyllis.  I have been working with her since.  We met by accident during a Nashville, Tn. record company luncheon many moons ago. Bill Traylor told us together we would be trouble.  Loved it then, love it now!

Both of Phyllis’ sons, already really accomplished in their own right, are now involved with Hoffman Media. This spring I had the privilege of meeting Eric and Brian.  Smart, creative, I wanted to then, would stalk them still, if I actually worked in the home office.  I loved meeting them, and love every. single. thing. we accomplish.

Meet Phyllis, sons Brian and Eric Hoffman

PHD and Brian and Eric best one

Meanwhile, in Denver, Colorado, are Mark Story and Scott Stewart.  I’ve known Mark Story and Scott Stewart longer than I can remember.  Scott and I have been personal friends forever, he is really like my brother! At least that’s what Inger Andress, tells me!  But she is right, this is how I feel about Scott.

Mark Story is a long time business associate, he built MPR’s first website when he was ONLY doing tours to Australia.  Now Queenslander World-Wide Tours is just that, World-Wide.  And they don’t miss a beat, they ‘get it’… much that Arthur Frommer, Travel Guru, named Queenslander World-Wide Tours the best at small group travel.  No small thing.

Mark Story and Scott Stewart — Friends Since College Days!Mark and Scott

Lucky me, I work with them on all media related matters.   They do it right…..all the time.  I get to bask in their success!  Visit or find Mark’s personal travel page — Mark has a great post on COFFEE, my fav!

The ribbon cutting below, marks the day I began working with the Conway Art  Museum & School.  Georg Andersen, internationally awarded interior designer created the space. Everything about Conway Art is perfect.  Perfect. Perfect.

Conway Art ribbon-cutting - Nov. 2013

Georg wouldn’t have it any other way, his designs for my house made me weep, they were so beautiful. So imagine this Gallery, infused by wonderful design and the Art.  OH the ART.  It will take your breath away.

Conway Art, LLC, in Conway, Arkansas is within walking distance to one of our three Starbucks. Heaven.

Then, there is Nina.  Nina Ruth Baker, R.N. and Artist.  Conway Art Gallery is her dream.  As a young woman, told she was going blind, she picked up a paint brush and the rest is history…..As I met with different people in town I find their love and reverence for her kind heart similar to what was felt when The Dick Clark came on set of Prime Time Country.  A hush, a genuine reverence for the person.  This will embarrass her, I’m sure — but I want to say – publically, in this forum — just how loved she is by all.  I am already learning so much from Nina.

Nina Baker

Nina Baker

Nina’s Award-Winning piece, Provence Dandelions

Provence Dandelions

Euphoria is not long-lived, I know.  What is long lived are relationships. Good days, bad days and just so-so days.  When I received ‘checks’ before automatic deposit, I would write Thank You under my signature. Every person believing in us is a building brick to our joy.  We must never — I never — want to lose sight of those who’ve been with me through thick and thin.  They continue to make a difference in my life.

Today, is the first time I’ve recognized people who believe in my abilities enough to pay me to work with them on their dreams.  I am willing to look stupid, saying it.  I hope you risk looking stupid too.

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Rule #11 Be Tenacious

How much do you want it?  Really want it? Do you want to accomplish this goal you’ve set? Are you sure?  Do you really want it?  Really?

Tenacious – Merriam-Webster Online

Not easily stopped or pulled apart : firm or strong. : continuing for a long time. : very determined to do something.

I love this word and it’s meaning.

Today I ran into Tim Capps, a much honored fireman in Conway, Arkansas. He is  Husband, Father with two sons, friend, well-known for tireless work in his  community.  When his wife opened her hair salon he went to beauty school, became a licensed beautician so he could support her.  Now, he is ten days away from receiving his R.N.

Ten days.

Meet The Tim Capps Family –

Tim Capps

He will continue his work as a Fireman AND work as an R.N.  Tim said when he started Nursing School he wanted to make certain his oldest son could go to College.  I think he just loves to make a difference.  I know Tim, his wife Lori and his sons have made a difference in my Family, time after time after time.

His son begins college August 2014.  I am amazed. Tim Capps is dedicated to the betterment of his family, he is tenacious.

As publicists, we must be tenacious.   Media placement is tougher than ever, and space in any publication — real estate — is in high demand.  It takes never, never, never giving up.  Never ever.

It is imperative to remember why we do what we do.  That’s why we must believe what we say.

In many instances — to my joy — I remain friends with many media even though they are not covering what I pitch today.  If I had lied to them, fudged the truth even a bit   I doubt that friendship would still be intact.

We don’t have to spill our guts about our clients, but we do have to be Authentic Truth Tellers.

Deborah Evans-Price, Jeanette Thomason, Stacey Scheirer, Vernell Hackett, Marjie McGraw, Debra Brawner, Phyllis Hoffman DePiano, David Perozzi  are media who have become great friends to me personally.  Cannot imagine how less-rich my life would be without them.  And let me tell you I was tenacious every. single. time. I pitched to these members of the media.  To their great credit, they GOT it, they GET it.  And yes, we are all still friends.  If I didn’t know each of these people, I would still miss them in my life.


….and I am still TENACIOUS.
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