Frozen in Time: Change your Thinking and … Can I? Will I? Have I?…


Can't remember who 'gifted' me this frame?

Can’t remember who ‘gifted’ me this frame?  It broke in two several years ago. #GodsTimingisPerfect

Changing my thinking was gradual, and in reality, it kind of snuck up on me. My environment changed, friends changed I changed. Isn’t growing and learning fun? Sometimes. Sometimes not. Mine was a smattering of both.

To those who know me well, you know it was an extremely difficult transition, moving to Conway, Arkansas from Nashville, Tn. Do I regret it? Not for one minute. On the other side of this now, beyond blessed. It’s my prayer my journey to change will help someone else.

We’ve talked about the laughs and the fun. The feeling of making a difference has always been important to me too. Did I? It’s my hope the answer is yes. Still fiercely loyal to those I love, my Nashville relationships remain – the ones that matter.

We probably lost the card game, but it was great fun.

We probably lost the card game, but it was great fun.

Pieces of the transition that don’t matter? Learning how to deal with small-town companies. Example: Initially I traveled between Nashville and Conway every three to six weeks. Trying to make an appointment for anything was impossible. “Just call when you get home and we will come out.” what? WHAT? yes. Who’d of thunk? It.Made.Me.Crazy. Seque 2018: Needed an upstairs AC Unit, Emmons Heating & Air has the code to my house, they are a most trusted company, even found other companies equally trustworthy. #JokesonMe

Three years ago I was really, really sick. So sick one Sunday I could not even walk. It was after my Mother died and my sisters had chosen to remove me from their lives Bless Paris Broyles she saved my heart that day and is still very dear to me. I trust her with anything. ANYTHING. That day, really thought I was dying. Called Paris and she was here in less than a minute. Her generosity of time to me still brings me to tears.

One of my favorite photos of Paris.

One of my favorite photos of Paris.

Now? Story after story of ways others have helped me grow, out of gratefulness and then humility.

People have ‘left’ my life before, I’ve left others. Some were painful, some easy, needed.

John 15:2 says “He cuts off every branch in Me that bears no fruit, and every branch that does bear fruit, He prunes to make it even more fruitful.”

Kelly Shipp's "Ice Blue"

Kelly Shipp’s “Ice Blue”

This has been my life’s journey for the past years; My thinking has changed because it needed to in many ways. Today, if someone says something about me to another that is not true, I don’t feel the need to correct them. It’s not my issue.

There is no one else I want to be. I am enough. Sounds trite, but it’s not. Could easily find myself all ‘up’ in the #MeToo movement or any other current ’cause celebre’.

There IS lots of Fake News out there, but there is also good journalism. I feel blessed to know the differences.

Do I still like hearing fun and funny stories of those on the ‘main stage’?  Of course. Yet, I have changed what I say, read, talk and discuss. And I slip up I’m a work in progress. Hope I always will be.

Post #Seven is: Change what you SAY, read, watch and discuss.

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Into the Wild: FROZEN IN TIME: Say it Out loud; To someone who loved you then and Loves you now.

Debra and Betty White

Dear friend Debra Brawner with Betty White.Debra booked talent for TNN and we loved working with her. She remains one of my dearest friends. #Blessed.

The Laughs. So many laughs. Funny stories. Going from lots of laughter and joy to well, different is not a walk in the park.

From the laughter backstage during Star Search to Florence Henderson dancing in front of Alabama because they didn’t want her to sing with them.  Even today, when I watch a television show or a movie the background tells me more than the dialogue.

Before Facebook we took photos. These photos are a bit of a timeline to my life in Nashville prior to actually representing Musicians. Television has always been my favorite medium.

Hope you love these #ThrowbackThursday photos!

Our First Earth Day.

Our First Earth Day. Rosanne Cash was Chairman of the organization.  Rosanne and her then-husband, Rodney Crowell performed.  It was a free event for the City of Nashville.  Thanks to Rosanne and Rodney it was a tremendous success.  Even today if I do not recycle something it makes me a little crazy.


Watching Rehearsals.

Watching Rehearsals.  Nashville Earth Day peeps.


David Foster playing for us in Tennessee Governor’s Mansion BEFORE we were KICKED OUT when the Governor arrived. We all laughed till we cried, then laughed more when Lee, in her full-length mink coat fell going into the local theater smack dab in the lobby.!


Talent Explosion. Dinner at Mario’s with David Foster and Linda Thompson. #luckyme #LovedMarios

Hotel Room -- we celebrated 24/7.

Hotel Room — we celebrated 24/7.

Left to Right: Me; Gunilla Hutton; Cathy Baker and LuLu Roman. #Friendship


Game Night – Always Fun. #nofilter


Wonderful working with Jack Hanna and Stella Parton. Booking clients on the same show is Working Smart. Animals + Cooking = Fun Show.


LuLu singing “Blue Chili” by Songwriter extraordinaire Beverly Ross. Still convinced this would have been a ‘hit’ for LuLu.  However, it was not Gospel, it was Blues  – always my favorite. LuLu Roman, me, Madeline Bell and CeCe Debois.


Jack with Television Producer Joe Young. They were like Tom Hanks’ character in BIG when they got together. Great friend Susan Shockley made this happen. #Longtermfriendships


Finally – the reason I located to Arkansas: My Family; My dear Mother.  This memory from long ago lingers: the first national television credit received, my precious Mother took a photo of the television! The memory of her encouragement in my life is somedays overwhelming.  Missing her never goes away.  Would love to talk to her, love her more than I can ever say.


My Beautiful Mother.

Do I miss friends?  Oh Yes. We do stay in touch and I’m forever grateful we can and do.  Will talk about more of my dearest as I finish this Frozen in Time post. #Thankful. #MoretoCome

Next Up: Forgive Yourself – it’s a work in progress. (AMEN)

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Rule #19. Be free, yet careful with apologies and asking for forgiveness.

Hee Haw logo

When the television show HEE HAW was in full swing I was lucky enough to be involved.  The only person who can make me laugh more than being on set during a HEE HAW shoot is Mark Lowry, so you can only imagine how much fun we had ‘working’…

Mark Lowry on Broadway

Mark Lowry on Broadway, great show at NYC’s Beacon Theatre.

My favorite place to ‘hang out’ was always the make-up room.  It was there I met K.T. Oslin; Johnny and June Carter Cash, so many others.  Needing glasses during this time,  too scared to wear contacts,  I went without both.  Vain much?

Hee Haw Honeys

HEE HAW’s Pickin’ and a Grinnin’

KT Oslin

K.T. Oslin is AMAZING


Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash & George Lindsey

Marie Osmond was there one day with her soon-to-be husband, Brian Blosil.  Passing the make-up-room on my way to one of the dressing rooms, thought the person I was meeting was in the make-up chair.  Standing in the doorway, she was maybe five feet from me.  Looking directly at her — I waved — letting her know I was in the house.  She did not acknowledge my wave. So I waved again, assuming she had not seen me. Staring, probably trying to think – who is that person waving at me?  Maybe she’s having a blank stare, I thought to myself, so I waved a third time.   Still not responding, I waved a fourth time, squinting to see better.  Finally realizing she was not who I was there for, instead, it was Marie Osmond in that make-up chair!

Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond

Realizing my mistake, I said  “Oh, sorry, I thought you were someone else”. (Dumb in and of itself!)

Was I really sorry? NO, since I went directly into the HEE HAW girls’ dressing room laughing ALOT, telling the story.  Then, we all laughed (& laughed) even more.

No, I wasn’t really sorry.

Why did I say “Oh sorry”?  It’s natural when we strive to be kind, to say sorry.  Too casually sometimes.

There’s a saying “If you don’t like someone you will get mad at the way they hold their fork; but if you like them, they can turn a bowl of spaghetti on top of your head and you won’t care.”

dog and spaghetti

As an over thinker, if I need to say I’m sorry, will analyze the situation to death.  How else can it be prevented a second time? I always want to understand why something happened and the reason. It takes time, though.

A couple of years ago, needing to apologize to someone, spent several days analyzing what happened before putting it in writing. My apology was not accepted, rather, was told they didn’t feel sincerity. Really? Really.

A face-to-face was refused, so, I apologized in writing again …. and then again ….yet they came back with the need for another apology, didn’t feel what I said was sufficient.  At that point, seeking counsel, told to drop it because nothing would appease someone who really didn’t want to resolve the issue.  So, I let go.

Guess they didn’t like the way I held my fork.

holding a fork

We do not have control over another accepting our apology.  We ONLY have control over what we say, and if it’s authentic.  We must be at peace with our words, because that’s all we have.    An authentic apology is all that matters, NOT the way we hold our fork.

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