Into The Wild: Frozen in Time; Acknowledge How Important the Times Were.

Into The Wild: Frozen in Time; 

Acknowledge How Important the Times Were

Can't remember who 'gifted' me this frame?

Can’t remember who ‘gifted’ me this frame?

Substance. That’s what I was missing. A ‘good girl’ who got lost and didn’t know what to do with her life. Living really, day-to-day for my own enjoyment. But I did.not.know. When we don’t know, we don’t know.

My saving grace, in retrospect, was relocating to Nashville, TN. Nashville is where I found myself, who I could be. Finding a good group of like-minded friends and a great church changed my life. Gradually and with fervent prayer, I became someone I liked. Dare I say, really liked?

But let me tell you, it was a journey.  Nashville is chock full of churches. The first one I walked into – well – it was less than stellar. That’s for another time.  Otter Creek Church of Christ and Bobby Harrington, the minister, made the difference. Listening to every.single.word. So very grateful for that time of learning and pruning. Yes, not everyone who attends church can be kind, but so many are kind and loving, and more than make-up for those who are not.

Nashville, Tennessee

Bobby and Cindy Harrington

One of the best books I ever invested in, “The Complete Book of Christian Prayer” along with anything from Oswald Chambers are great devotionals. On November 25, 1996 (yes, I’m that old!) the series Purity of Heart is when my transformation began.

Prayer #575 from “The Complete Book of Christian Prayer”

Almighty God, in whom we live and move and have our being, thou hast made us for thyself, so that our hearts are restless until they find rest in thee; grant us purity of heart and strength of purpose, that no selfish passion may hinder us from knowing thy will, no weakness from doing it; but in thy light may we see light, and in thy service find perfect freedom; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

from St. Augustine, 354-430

My parents always told me I was the most beautiful, most talented with the ability to do anything. I believed them. This confidence made me brave enough to try anything, Seeing God in their eyes, their behavior made all the difference for me. Not only did I have their ‘net’   I had God’s.

Was it easy? Not always. Was it worth it?  Oh, yes.

Next up: Facing WHY were they so important?

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Lou Lawyer’s Legacy of Love


“Lift Up Your Head” painted by Nina Ruth Baker

I say I love you a lot. I remember the first time I actually said “I Love You.”  To my Mother.  In the carport of my parents then-home. Still have no idea why it was so hard, just know It was a profound moment for me, because I loved her endlessly.  I wanted to say it, to tell her how much she meant to me.Obviously it was hard, and yes, I still remember every little detail. It was an important moment in my life.

I’ve never told anyone the reason I made myself be brave that day — until now.

It was because of Lou Lawyer.  All the memories came flooding back today, when I learned of her death.

Lauren Lawyer and I were Harding students at the same time, meeting when she moved to Little Rock. Traveling with Lauren to Searcy, it was during this time I met her parents, Lou and Virgil, along with Lauren’s sisters, Andee and Jan.

Lou Lawyer was the epitome of grace and love. She was wise. Beautiful, with a great smile and laugh. I remember just watching her prepare lunch for Lauren and me — standing in her kitchen, what she served, even the plates she used.

Mostly, I remember Lou Lawyer told her family she loved them constantly. Her voice still resonates with me.  Her legacy is everlasting.

Lou Lawyer probably never knew or would even assume how vast her influence permeates those who’ve been in her sphere.  We are a lucky and blessed group. She is an angel among angels, now with her husband, Virgil.

Lou Lawyer’s legacy makes me even more thankful for my own Mother, who told literally everyone — just like Lou — that she LOVED them. And did she ever. She and Lou never met, but I’d like to imagine they will meet in Heaven.

Thankful Lou Lawyer was in my life, albeit for those brief moments.  My life was forever changed by her example.

Let’s all be brave today — say I LOVE YOU as much as possible.  I think Lou will be proud of us and it makes me so happy to believe she will be watching.

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Rule #4 Write Thank You Notes

WRITE thank you notes?  YES.  Absolutely, YES. YES. YES. IF you want to make a difference, IF you have any goals for your life, WRITE your appreciation to others.

Thank you notes are the easiest, most effective, economical way to stand out from everyone else.

Not writing a thank you note sets the tone for who we are.

Who do you want to be?

Have a job interview?  Write your note before going and slip it in the mail upon leaving. Can’t do that? Hand deliver the next morning.

Writing a thank you on REAL paper is the simplest & easiest way to establish your brand, your NAME.

One of the notes received from Hillary Clinton – they always looked terrific in my portfolio! Hillary Clinton

One of the nicest thank you notes I’ve ever received, from Floyd Daniels, of Harding University.

Harding Thank you letter

Last year, I sent gifts to another person bi-weekly.  The gifts were not big dollar items, yet I hoped they were helpful packages during their time of transition.    To this day I have received not one acknowledgement.  Not one. Never.  Ever.

I still love this person.  That will not change.  Never.  Ever. But there will be no more gifts.

I hold the knowledge their lack of response has absolutely nothing, NOTHING to do with me.  Does it make me sad?  You bet.  Does it hurt my heart? Of course it does.  But I must move on with my generosity.

Disclaimer: This scenario is NOT why I am giving one entire post to the importance of Thank You notes  I ask: Do YOU want to display the unkindness this person has displayed? I think not.  I hope not.  I want more for you and I hope you want more for you.  We all deserve the opportunity to be the best we can be. Thank you notes are a GREAT start.

Don’t think you can write?  If my 94 year-old-Mother did it, you can too.  She forever waved the flag to thank others, and writing notes was her mantra.  Was it easy?  NO.  She practiced on plain paper what she wanted to say, then put it ‘in ink’….if she can do it until her last breath, then you can do it too.

Do not waste another minute — and if somehow, I’ve not sent you a written thank you note, let’s start anew today.  Reminding ourselves it’s an easy way to be our best.

As for me, I’ve just watched Oprah’s Life Class now I’m on to Dr. Phil!  Should I write a thank you note, telling each how much I love their shows?  Hmmmm…..I’ll let you know!

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