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Forgot friends who have been invaluable to me during this current journey. Earlier this week Paris and Charity Broyles came to visit. Met Paris and family when they moved next door one month after we moved into our house. Her children were babies.  

So here’s the thing: Paris has been with me through thick and thin. She has never waivered in her support of me (or my Mother when she was alive.) Paris is a Wife, Mom, Daughter, Aunt, and FRIEND to many, I’m lucky to be in her aura. Her children have integrity out the ying yang. 

Paris, Charity and Brenda.

Seque last night: Paris and Charity took me (still cannot drive) to deliver my Aunts’ Christmas present and out to dinner. Paris, and so  many others who’ve helped me – well I have no idea how they get it all done. But the do with a smile on their faces. And I was on the receiving end just as I’ve been with so many during this time. 

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