OMGoodness — Did I actually do this?

OMGoodness — this actually happened? 

An honest-to-goodness “this happened?” moment occurred yesterday. Leaving a restaurant parking lot a family walked behind my car, and fear of other children with them caused me to proceed very cautiously backing up. There was a friendly server outside the restaurant directing me.

SO the same family was next to me, all of a sudden the man jumped out of the ‘shotgun’ seat and started yelling and shaking his finger at me. “You don’t have to cut it so close. You have lots of room.”

May we say “Gobsmacked”?

My immediate reaction was to explain why we were moving slowly and so closely…he did not want to hear anything and started back to the car.

As I recalled my own words, said: “I love you.”

The Heart of a Child.

The Heart of a Child.

Then stuck side-by-side, my retaliation side came out, and I blew him kisses. NOT my finest moment, the motive was not love but retaliation. #notokay #sarcasmhasitsplaceandthiswasnotoneofthosetimes

On this Monday morning, it’s my hope you don’t have an encounter giving an opportunity to retaliate. If you do, try “I love you” without following my poor example of blowing kisses. Of course, this was not my proudest moment; I’ll be working on this today. #hopingforanodramaday 


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22 thoughts on “OMGoodness — Did I actually do this?

  1. Wow! Glad you kept your cool Brenda. This situation could have escalated, but you killed it with kindness…or shall I say a nice form of retaliation. Either way, it worked! 😉

  2. I probably wouldn’t have done the same thing, but I’m proud of you. This kind of story must be shared to the world, so they can realize the golden rule. Even if people throw you rocks, throw them kindness.

  3. That’s definitely an odd response. At least you didn’t lose your cool and tried to mitigate the situation. I hope you have a calmer week after this bizarre incident.

  4. An interesting story and I really enjoy reading this. I always try to control myself, but sometimes there are certain situations that make me forget all that. Patience has its limits… 🙂

  5. What you did was great there! You are such an inspiring person of simply keeping your cool despite the hard and risky situation you encountered. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Gandhi always said spread love not hatred. If someone slaps you, offer the next cheek. I do not agree with him. I did not think what you did was wrong. The world needs retaliation or they will just walk all over you. You did right in blowing kisses and not fighting back. You made him realize that maybe he is wrong somewhere and the fault was not yours.

  7. OMG! I’m very amazed your still that calm and didn’t panic get scared the hell out of that situation. I’m very glad that you did those sarcasm and keeping your cool. You rock Brenda!

  8. I usually lose my cool when things like this happened to me. We need to always be kind to one another and try to always choose peace over war. Love this story!

    • Don’t know that I was reeling, but I WAS incredulous at what was happening. Now it’s stupid funny! Take care today. Thanks for your comments. xb

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