Rule #8 Be On Time

This day was planned perfectly, I would write about being on time today, as scheduled.

I attended a funeral, and as I’m leaving the funeral I’ve an emergency call from a business associate, I had no choice but to help.  Immediately, of course!

I’m late now.  Yes, and I will be officially late with #8: Be on time!

Hopefully, all will be smooth sailing tomorrow.  But who knows, really?

Life is like this — unexpected situations that cause us to be late — we all try to accomplish all we can, all the time.  AND In a timely manner.

Situations and people are not always under our control, under our control is how we each handle unexpected situations.

I took 15 minutes to ‘do nothing’ but breathe, these few moments have allowed me to move forward.  My post, Be on time, will still need to wait as I’ve other more pressing obligations.

You will survive and so will I.

A cliché, I know, but life is what we make it.   The funeral was for the husband of a family member, in his early fifties.  They loved each other desperately.  Kind of puts my problems in perspective.  Hope it does yours, too.


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