Rule #7 Knowing When To Cut Ties

It is SO hard.  I didn’t do it lightly.  Sitting in church, I knew I had to leave or would break into tears.  So, I left.  I was not doing this ‘cutting of my ties’ well at all.

There are seasons for everything, loyal, I never want friends, family – anyone to feel  disposable because of something I say or do. Interestingly, I couldn’t really see it then, but it was me that was being discarded!

Knowing I would miss some of the group more than others, they were a big part of my move to Nashville. But I wouldn’t miss this mean-spiritedness I sometimes witnessed and worse, participated one time too many.

I had no choice to cut ties if I wanted my life to be in tune with my heart.  It just hurt so much.

Have you ever left someone behind?  Did you find it as difficult?

Luckily, I found comfort and guidance from Cindy and Bobby Harrington.  He’s now a minister in Tennessee, and I credit Bobby with teaching me how to pray.  Their gift of Authentic Grace, friendship is unsurpassed.

Bobby and Cindy

Truly Authentic Grace exhausts  every single avenue to solve relationship issues, however they must be played out.

At one point in my life — sometimes my mouth got/still gets the better of me — in front of a family member I said *^&*()*.  From that time, more than two years ago, this person  has refused to be in the same room with me despite my apologies.

We have no control of another’s decisions about forgiveness.

When something like that happens, to be at peace, we must know we’ve done our best to do what is right.

Painful as it may be, there is a plan for all of us. Not everyone follows our script, or has our same beliefs.  But if we cannot get along, face one another and discuss our differences and compromise, how can we expect our leaders to do the same?

I do not want one act, one mistake to define me, nor do I want to define you by one  mistake.  That’s why face-to-face is always good with any misunderstanding.  Without face-to-face we miss being able to ‘listen’ to another with our ‘eyes’……Our eyes are the windows to our soul and it’s only then we know The Heart of the Matter.

Everything begins with us.  Everything.  That is why our own Authentic Grace is paramount to our well-being.
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