Authentic Grace in Action: Katrina Dolislager

We love authentic people, don’t we? Or do we, Really? As a public relations professional, and a member of the media I’m just as guilty as the next in propelling and perpetuating an image I want the public to see.  Recently, it’s become harder to watch FAKE. Sometimes I just want to scream “don’t you know I see through this?”

I adore, love and embrace the opportunity to be with people who are REAL.  I want to be in their aura.  I want their authenticity to ‘rub off on me’.  They are the truth-tellers.

Katrina Andersen Dolislager has aura.  I doubt she’s ever met a stranger.  I first met Katrina through a piece of her art, one of the Bird Series.  Meeting her at a dinner party, our host had to literally pry us out of our seats, out the door long after everyone else had gone.  We were too busy chatting to notice that it was ‘time to go.”  And I never do that!

Katrina headshot

I admit I am a little prejudiced towards Katrina because I know her family. Her Mother, Annabelle is one of, if not the most beautiful hostesses in Conway, Arkansas.  Annabelle, and her husband Georg’s Mill Creek Ranch is featured in 2013 Fall issue of Cottage Journal .  

Having been to parties in her home, it’s easy to see where Katrina gets her ease of entertaining.  It’s in her DNA, as is her art.  Katrina is an artist of life, an artist whose work defies easy classification.

Her style is commonly associated with the “outsider art” movement, a term broadly applied to include self-taught or Naïve art makers who have never received formal training. Her works are created by layering oil pastels on Masonite or linen canvases until the desired texture and color is achieved.

Katrina has a Bachelor of Arts in History from Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois and an inherited understanding of color stories and texturizing from her Father, Georg, who is an internationally renowned designer.

Katrina’s works have been featured in Cooking with Paula Deen magazine and  Arkansas Life; and shown in the Arkansas Arts Gallery, the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion, Faulkner County Museum, Classic Touch in Conway, Arkansas and in the Festival of Light Exhibition at Little Rock’s Fellowship Bible Church.

RaeLynn Callaway writes in a recent issue of 501 Life magazine  “Katrina uses an array of fascinating pieces of her childhood and presents them as art. I am intrigued by every tiny detail.”

RaeLynn sums it up for me, and if you’ve seen any piece from Katrina’s Bird series, you understand.


Flair, personality, love, devotion, and authenticity.  THIS is Katrina Andersen Dolislager.

This Friday night, art lovers are in for a rare treat.  Katrina will be appearing with her work showing and perhaps even answering a question or two at the grand opening of a new gallery in Conway, Arkansas.  If you are in the area, do not miss this opportunity to meet Katrina and see what authentic is.  Take the time to see authentic in action!

Information on the gallery can be found

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