AUTHENTIC GRACE: 20 Public Relations Rules for Life & Friendship

Having been on both sides of the media fence, the basic rudiments help maintain AUTHENTIC public relation(ships) & friendships. So, my twenty ways to embrace AUTHENTIC work and personal relationships.

In the next few days, weeks I will be writing about each point, with AUTHENTIC examples from my own life that have helped and yes, sometimes even hurt me.  In more than fifteen years of successes and failures as a public relations professional I have learned much of what works and what does not.  It’s my hope this will help each of us think about where we are in our lives, what we can do different.

1.  Pay attention.

2.  Listen. (Not to be confused with paying attention!)

3.  Respond.

4.  Write thank you notes.

5.  Be loyal.

6.  Do not gossip.

7.  Know when to cut ties.

8.  Be on time.

9.  Trust gut instincts.

10. Never sell yourself short.

11. Be tenacious.

12. Be willing to risk looking stupid.

13. How to love work, friends and life even on days when you want to run.

14. Be the same person in the dark as you are in the light of day.

15. Do the right thing even when no one will know but you.

16. Be willing to address even the most difficult.

17. Never believe your own press.  Never.

18. Say thank you (again, not to be confused with writing thank you notes!)

19. Be free, yet careful with apologies and asking for forgiveness.

20. Don’t surprise.

I’m excited to begin the AUTHENTIC journey of grace with each of you, thank you for following my life and words.






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