Steve Martin, George Lindsey, Mark Lowry and Witch Hazel

Remember when Steve Martin got excited about the phone book in THE JERK?  Well, this is me when I get the Sunday Arkansas Democrat Walgreen’s Circular. I am crazed over their Register Rewards program.

Disclaimer: This is only the second time I’ve done it successfully! Yet, I am totally beside myself with glee over my savvy shopping skills.  (Savvy thanks to the Walgreens Managers who help and encourage my newfound obsession.)

I love to shop.  I love bargains. Doesn’t matter WHAT, if it’s a bargain I’m there.  Once in Nashville, Tn. I found a sale on wooden chairs.  Didn’t really need them, but they were a fabulous buy!  I bought all of them. One year — almost to the day later — I attached press kits to those chairs and mailed to NYC talent bookers to publicize Mark Lowry’s Broadway Show.

Allow me to digress a minute. George Lindsey always mailed funny things to people.  He mailed me little clippings about Bill Clinton.  He knew I did his big campaign parties when I lived in Arkansas and remembered.  He never sent a headline, always a tiny comment someone made, he would use a yellow highlighter to emphasize. One time he mailed a chair!

That ‘gift’ was the impetus for me to attach Mark Lowry press kits to those terrific chairs, and ship to NYC media. Always hard to ‘crack’, I was desperate to get David Letterman’s talent booker and others to see Mark at the Beacon Theatre.  Well, it worked, and I KNOW those chairs made the difference. (Indulge me here!)  Kathie Lee Gifford was the ONLY one who did not R.S.V.P. (Of course I don’t watch her show either!)  Oh Well, she missed one of the funniest people on the planet.

This week at Walgreen’s I got a years supply of contact solution by just paying the taxes! Twelve bottles for a little over ten dollars! And I bought what seems like a ten year supply of Witch Hazel for even less. (My Mother’s caregiver quipped, “we are well-prepared if anyone gets hemorrhoids!”  One never knows!)

My by-far biggest find changed my mornings forEVER.  I found a $300 Nespresso Coffee machine for $4.  I didn’t even know what it was, but it looked interesting.  Brought it home and found it’s value. Spent seventy-five cents on a carafe and it has continued to be amazing.   Still love that coffee machine.

There was a store in Nashville once, we called it the ‘dump’ because it looked like a dump! Located in Berry Hill they sold wrecked truck merchandise.  An employee told me they once found a man dead among the rubble.  I mourned for months when they closed.  Still wearing the cashmere scarf I bought there for $20.  Feels awesome when I’m in NYC during the winter – paired with my Louis Vuitton briefcase I’m ready to go — you see, I could afford the briefcase because I got such a bargain on the scarf!  Isn’t that the point?
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George Lindsey Funeral Details

Lindsey Funeral Details:

Services are open to the public.

… 2-4pm Friday, May 11, 2012
Westminster Presbyterian Church
3900 West End Avenue
Nashville, Tennessee 37205

4pm Friday, May 11, 2012
Westminster Presbyterian Church
3900 West End Avenue
Nashville, Tennessee 37205

1pm Saturday, May 12, 2012
Oak Hill Cemetery
Jasper, Alabama

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Andy Griffith Statement

Statement by Andy Griffith About George Lindsey

“George Lindsey was my friend. I had great respect for his talent and his human spirit. In recent years, we spoke often by telephone. Our last conversation was a few days ago. We would talk about our health, how much we missed our friends who passed before us and usually about something funny.

“I am happy to say that as we found ourselves in our eighties, we were not afraid to say, ‘I love you.’ That was the last thing George and I had to say to each other. ‘I love you.’

“George often told me his fondest memories of his life in show business were the years he spent working on ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ and ‘Mayberry R.F.D.’ They were for me, too.”

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