From Eve for RAC

RAC wanted to share these words with everyone… From Jon Macks, who works on the ACM’s with RAC: “When John O’Hara heard about the passing of George Gershwin he said, ‘They tell me George Gershwin passed away today, but I don’t have to believe that if I don’t want to.’ Those words sum up how many of us feel about your Dad.”

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Dick Clark

Dick Clark.  I don’t even know what to say.  Did I know him well?  No.  But I knew him because his company was a client of my company, APPLAUSE!  I knew how he treated people.  I knew of the reverence that fell on the building when he stepped foot on site.  So, I felt as if I knew him well. Working with dick clark company I was treated with integrity, and love and respect even in unfortunate situations — and those were really pretty extinct around his set.  And it was HIS set, no mistake.  We all knew it and loved it. We came early, we stayed late, visiting afterward, eating, laughing and generally enjoying good and bad days/shows/people.  Those were — and I realize I’m sounding like a geezer — the BEST of times.

Dick was really one of a kind, and the example he set for all of us is now IN US, because we lived in a work environment that brings out one’s best.  Give the best, get the best.  We watched, we learned and we loved.

How lucky was I?
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